New Homepage, Landing Pages, and Purchase Funnel Results in +203% in Listings for HomeLister

Conversion optimization efforts on new homepage, landing pages, and purchase funnel leads to 263% increase in MQLs and 203% increase in listings.

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HomeLister is a SaaS proptech startup that is redefining how homeowners sell their homes, enabling full digital management of the home selling process, from listing to closing. Kreativa worked with HomeLister on creating new landing pages and completely revising the UI/UX of it's SaaS application that users would use to list their homes digitally through the HomeLister platform.

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Our Approach

Kreativa partnered with HomeLister's internal marketing and technology teams with a common goal of improving conversion. Using CRO and design best practices, we crafted new landing pages for the sole purpose of converting website visitors into MQLs. Months later, Kreativa reimagined HomeLister's SaaS home listing application. Again using CRO and UI/UX best practices, we produced new, modern, and simplified designs for its listing application. Kreativa also redesigned HomeLister's homepage using the StoryBrand method of crafting a user-centric story.

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Good Results

The new conversion focused landing pages and homepage resulted in an immediate 148% YoY increase in MQL conversion rate and 263% YoY in more MQLs flowing into HomeLister's system. On the SaaS listing application, overall listings increased by 203% YoY, which also led to an improvement of 19% on its customer acquisition cost. Kreativa's CRO efforts allowed for more efficient return on marketing ad spend and far better results.

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