About us

We are Kreativa.

/kre.aˈti.va/ Born from creative. Adjective: having the power to bring something new into being, as a creature, or to evolve something original from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or invention.

Kreativa also proudly refers back to our roots of being a woman founded and minority owned and led boutique agency.

Karina & Tommy working on laptop

How it started

Kreativa was born from the passion of our founder, Karina, for good design and user experiences, aimed at making the internet look and function better, one pixel at a time.

From Kreativa
Originally founded in 2019, Karina was steadily making visual impacts on every client she worked with.
To Kreativa Group
Fast forward to 2023, Karina and Tommy joined forces, adding performance marketing to our service offering.

Now as Kreativa Group, we're a boutique agency focused on client growth while looking good.

Karina, Founder of Kreativa Group
Our Mission

Why are we doing this

We aspire to forge genuine human connections and work towards improving the image, communication, and services of those we collaborate with.

Helping others succeed
We're a collective of creative people, enthusiastic about helping others succeed in their business ventures and personal life goals.
Creating a better world
Our drive, our passion, and our ambition is to leave the world not only looking better but also a much better place than how we found it.


Years of combined experience


Startup exit




Pets (dogs, cats, & fish)

Our guiding principles


We are inclusive, empathic, transparent, positive, respectful, communicate simply and openly, and ask the same from you. We form long lasting partnerships with our clients over several years.

We drive up and to the right growth, high performance via data driven solutions and people-centric outcomes. We are obsessed with your sales, CVR, ROAS, and CAC goals.
We are creatives at heart, accelerating decision making and encouraging active collaboration with our clients. We combine proven techniques while leveraging modern technology to achieve the best client outcomes.
Our Values
Our team

Meet the leadership team behind Kreativa Group

Honesty, empathy, laughter, positivity, energetic, creativity, fun, emotional intelligence, friendship, respect, ego-free are some of the traits that could describe who we are and ones we look for in our team members.

Karina Rubiera
Karina Rubiera
Founder & Managing Partner

After studying creative design at The Art Institutes, Karina has worked at some of the largest agencies and brands, such as Young & Rubicam and Sandals Resorts, supported brands such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, and VW. Recently, she was the Creative Director at HomeLister where she oversaw a rebranding of the website and refresh of the SaaS platform that led to a 20% YoY conversion rate increase.

Karina founded Kreativa Group with the goal of having the freedom to do her best work and providing businesses across various sectors and sizes with professional creative services backed with strategy, data, and objectives. She genuinely enjoys making the world easier to look at, one pixel at a time.

In her free time, she runs. A lot.

Tommy Chang
Tommy Chang
Managing Partner

Tommy is a strategic and innovative marketing executive with over 20 years of experience, growing and scaling multiple companies from multi-billion dollar corporations to startups. He scaled Newegg from $1.5B to over a $2.5B company through his team’s paid media efforts, founded the ecommerce and digital marketing team at Misfit, which was successfully acquired by Fossil Group for $260M.

Tommy joined Kreativa Group with his desire to bring his experience and expertise to help multiple businesses grow exponentially and succeed in an ever changing digital landscape. He loves combining creative solutions and data analytics in the marketing world that ultimately drives success.

He loves spicy tonkotsu ramen.

Some of the brands we've worked with before starting Kreativa Group

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