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Kreativa Group is a Miami & Los Angeles based, boutique growth marketing and creative agency specializing in transformative growth for our clients. As your growth partner, your goals are our goals, we’re obsessed with your success!

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*3/2023 through 2/2024
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Our work stands as proof of our dedication to our clients' sucess. Our real-world solutions turn ideas & strategy into transformative growth.


New strategy in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising campaigns lead to a 51% revenue increase YoY while ROAS improved by 125% for a mid-size B2C/B2B electronics business.

Growth Marketing
Digital Strategy
Clever Noodle

Successful Google Ads, Meta Ads, Amazon Ads campaigns, and conversion optimization leads to an immediate 130% sales growth for a high impact educational startup.

Growth Marketing
Conversion Optimization
Ad Patina

New Website for Ad Patina leads to a 56% Improvement in Conversion Rate

A new ecommerce enabled website for Ad Patina immediately drives more SEO traffic, is more engaging, and converts better.

Creative Design
Growth Marketing
Our process

How we turn your ideas into transformative growth

From increasing your sales while reducing your customer acquisition costs to a brand new website that converts from day one, here's how we do what do.


Hear it from Our Clients

"Kreativa Group has been a great agency partner, especially in managing our PPC accounts in Google, Meta, and Bing. Tommy and team really emphasizes human effort alongside newer smart bidding methods, highly detailed account structures, optimization, and campaign analysis to meet our sales and ROAS goals. Their proactive communication, strategic insights, and commitment to our success have made our partnership very impactful and enjoyable."

Diana Toldoya
Director of Digital Marketing

"When I least expected it, Kreativa Group came into my life... Tommy and Karina got to know my business. They got to know me - understand me. And ultimately, embraced the challenge, and worked with me to build the website I'd always envisioned. I'm so happy the new site is finally LIVE! Because Tommy and Karina are so hands on, and care so much about their clients, I've learned a ton working alongside them on this massive project. Now that the new website is live, I'm more excited than ever about the future of Ad Patina... A future I'm proud to say Kreativa Group will be an integral part of."

Nick Federowicz

"Having worked in several startups, I've learned that the success of any new venture hinges, in large part, on choosing the right partners. From day one, our partnership with Kreativa Group has exceeded our expectations.  Karina and Tommy are not only results oriented, but bring expertise and wisdom into every interaction.  Their passion for digital design and performance marketing makes it possible for us to focus on our passion, children's literacy."

Keri Schoenbrun
Chief Growth Officer

"I've had the pleasure of working with Karina in the past and was thrilled to collaborate with her again at Kreativa Group. Her unique and custom website designs truly stand out and working alongside Karina and Tommy has been a delight. Their kindness, dedication, and expertise not only make them easy to work with but also ensure excellence in every aspect of their digital marketing services."

Kayla Griffin
Fractional Creative Director
Our reputation precedes us.

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