New Website for an IT Managed Services Provider Leads to a 115% Engagement Rate Improvement

A new website for a Miami based IT MSP nets increases in engagement rate, SEO traffic, and ultimately more leads and business.

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With over 25 years experience, and a team that has been loyal for almost as many years, working with business of every size and industry, Tech Group have grown to become experts in every aspect of business technology in the Miami and South Florida area. Kreativa Group is partnering with Tech Group to totally reimagine its website, modernizing each page and component with the goal of creating a new website that's visually engaging and helps to drive its business forward, as well as other growth initiatives.

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Our Approach

Tech Group's old website was mostly text, lacked explicit calls to action, and simply looked dated and boring. Its managing partners gave us one sole requirement for its website - more engaging. From the content to the user experience, we focused on how to produce a visually pleasing website that engages the user. We first set out to identify their current user base and how that may evolve naturally over time as they continue to scale. Next we wrote brand new content, using AI generation and human editing. We added photography of their local home base of Miami and South Florida as a subtle hint to their location. Lastly, CTA's - we implemented various call to action buttons across the website to help guide users to the next point in their user journey or become a lead.

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Good Results

New user and total user traffic is up but more importantly, the average engagement time per session has increased by 212% and the engagement rate has improved by 115%. While most would call this "Mission Accomplished", at Kreativa Group, we don't rest on our wins. As we're now pivoting to continue our partnership with Tech Group on their growth marketing initiatives, we're already looking for incremental ways to improve this website and adding more content to it to further drive increased organic traffic through our SEO efforts from Google.

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