Supercharged MQL Growth by 323% for a Telecom Startup with New Paid Media Strategy and CRO

New Google Ads strategy combined with conversion optimized landing pages led to 323% MQL growth and 46% improved CAC for a telecom startup.

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Community Phone is a telecom startup that provides landline phone service using modern cellular technology. Community Phone asked Kreativa Group to supercharge its paid media channels, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, and perform conversion optimization on its website and purchase funnel on an one time project basis to meet aggressive goals as they sought to build an internal team.

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Our Approach

We totally reimagined their entire digital marketing strategy from the ground up. We first focused on Google Ads, completely restructuring the account using a SIAG (Single Intent Ad Group) by match type structure with Target ROAS smart bidding. We implemented micro-conversion values to increase lead to sales quality and conversions. Beyond search campaigns, we introduced new Performance Max, and retargeting campaigns, as well as local specific campaigns where landline demand still exists. We coupled with reimagining their landing pages as well, taking their design philosophy to a new direction that's more modern, engaging, and most importantly converts much better.

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Good Results

The new landing pages resulted in an 21% increase in conversion rate. The new Google Ads account structure resulted in an 46% customer acquisition cost (CAC) improvement. Immediately within the first month, their marketing qualified leads (MQL) skyrocketed from ~500 per month to over ~2,800 while revenue grew by 60% overnight!

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