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Our Logo Is More Than Just A Logo

May 31, 2023

Our logo, the face of our brand, is a meticulously designed narrative, speaking volumes about who we are and what we do. At Kreativa Group, our logo is more than just an insignia; it's a visual story, a compact representation of our core values. It's a promise of our commitment to better designs, better marketing, better community engagement, and a better world.

At first glance, there is a modern uppercase “K” representing Kreativa but when viewing it holistically, you’ll find a stylized lowercase “g” as part of the group symbol. This subtle detail reflects our innovative and strategic approach, a key facet of our brand values. We believe in going the extra mile, finding unique solutions, and adding that extra touch of thoughtfulness to everything we do. The amalgamation of the “K” and the “g” acting as a single unit is succinct, straightforward, and transparent; all important brand values that we’re building our company from.

The clean lines of our logo are crisp and precise, echoing our modern approach to design. We stay ahead of the trends, blending them seamlessly with timeless techniques to create designs that are contemporary yet enduring. This modernity is not just limited to our designs; it permeates through our marketing strategies as well, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve, thriving in their respective categories.

Designwise, our logo features a simple yet modern style that represents our minimalist, less is more philosophical approach to design. The interplay between the boldness of the mark and soft, sweeping curves makes a strong statement that retains delicate shapes reflecting our human touch.

With its playful shape, our logo feels approachable and attainable. It extends an open hand to friendliness, innovation, and simplicity. It's designed to stand on its own and we hope that it’ll eventually become a recognizable mark synonymous with creativity and excellence.

Our brand culture, much like our logo, strives for harmony with nature and our environment. We aspire to forge genuine human connections and work towards improving the image, communication, and services of those we collaborate with. Above all, our logo epitomizes a collective of creative people, enthusiastic about helping others succeed in their business ventures and personal life goals. It’s a constant reminder of our drive, our passion, and our ambition to leave the world not only looking better but also a much better place than how we found it.

Our logo is us, and we are our logo. It's our culture, style, vision, process, all rolled into one, a perpetual symbol of our mission and values. It's our commitment to you and to the world.

We are Kreativa Group.

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Karina Rubiera
Founder & Managing Partner

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