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Say Hello to Really Estate

August 25, 2023

Really Estate is a new property tech startup focused on providing modern real estate tools to make transactions easier and stress-free. Whether you’re finding an agent, buying a home, or selling a home, Really Estate provides a seamless user experience.

The founding team at Really Estate came to Kreativa Group to build an intuitive website that fits their goal of an easy and stress-free user experience. We collaborated closely with their team to create a logo and color palette that was engaging but also fun and lighthearted. Our team strategized and thoughtfully mapped out the entire user journey, finding points of user engagement, forming a cohesive story as the user navigates the website, and offering various user testimonials as social proofing.

The wireframes and mockups were built using Figma and everything was custom coded in Webflow, our preferred CMS, for this project. We integrated iHomeFinder to power IDX home search results and Heyflow for custom form funnels. Onsite SEO was built in early on during the content implementation phase.

Key results in the first month of launch…

  • Averaging 70 leads per day
  • 10.3% Conversion Rate
  • Sub $25 Customer Acquisition Cost

We’re so thrilled with these amazing results so early on. This project speaks to our desire to collaborate closely with our clients to achieve successful results.

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Karina Rubiera
Founder & Managing Partner

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