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Evolving Ad Patina’s Website to Embrace Full Ecommerce

March 6, 2024

At Kreativa Group, we're passionate about bringing visions to life. Our latest collaboration with Ad Patina, a curator of vintage magazine ads turned into art, shows our commitment to excellence in ecommerce and website design.

Understanding the Challenge

Ad Patina, is well known within the watch community as a curator and seller of vintage magazine ads and has been featured in The NY Times and Hodinkee, faced limitations with its static website. Its founder, Nick Federowicz, envisioned a new platform that not only showcased these historical advertisements but also streamlined the purchasing process. The challenge? To evolve the site without losing its essence, integrating modern ecommerce capabilities and enhancing the user experience.

Our Approach

Our strategy was multi-faceted:

  • Design Evolution: Maintaining the spirit of the original site while injecting modern design principles.
  • Platform Migration: Transitioning from Squarespace to Shopify, ensuring a seamless ecommerce experience.
  • Feature Enhancement: Introducing mega menus, product filters, search, mobile optimization, and SEO best practices to improve engagement and conversions.

Impactful Results

The relaunched website has been a great success story:

  • SEO Traffic: A 117% increase, demonstrating improved visibility.
  • User Engagement: Enhanced by 16%, indicating a more captivating user experience.
  • Conversion Rate: 56% improvement, a testament to the site's improved functionality and appeal.

See our full case study, including before and after screenshots and more results here.

A Word from Ad Patina's Founder

Nick Federowicz's testimonial shows the significance and his appreciation of our partnership. We appreciate and thank him for his kind words. His full testimonial reads:

“For years I wanted to relaunch my website. But I could never find the time to embark on that monumental task. Of changing to an e-commerce platform and basically redesigning the site from scratch. But most of all, I didn't have the skills or expertise to do it myself. And it was so important to do it right - have everything work! As it usually goes, when I least expected it, Kreativa Group came into my life... Tommy and Karina got to know my business. They got to know me - understand me. And ultimately, embraced the challenge, and worked with me to build the website I'd always envisioned - I'm so happy the new site is finally LIVE! Because Tommy and Karina are so hands on, and care so much about their clients, I've learned a ton working alongside them on this massive project. Now that the new website is live, I'm more excited than ever about the future of Ad Patina... A future I'm proud to say Kreativa Group will be an integral part of. The new site may be live, but the work is far from done... We'll be continuing to work together to further improve the user experience, and make sure Ad Patina is known. as the ultimate destination to fall in love with print advertisements. The peace of mind I have knowing Tommy and Karina are in my corner is an incredible feeling every small business owner should feel. It goes without saying, but I'll say it... Message Kreativa Group if you need any help with your website or marketing your business!”

Looking Forward

This project is a good showcase of our work at Kreativa Group: turning one entrepreneur's visions into reality through our strategic design and development. Nick's story of transformation with Ad Patina is just one example of how we empower businesses to reach new heights. Looking ahead, we're proud that Kreativa Group will continue to partner with Ad Patina as its creative and growth marketing agency as we now shift our focus on helping Nick grow through organic marketing.

Final Word

If your business seeks a transformative digital presence, let Kreativa Group be your partner in achieving that vision. Together, we can create a website that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, just as we did for Ad Patina. Contact us today to start your growth journey.

Lastly, be sure to check out Ad Patina's brand new website.

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