Amazing Paid Media Strategy for Monoprice Results in 51% YoY Revenue Growth

New strategy in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising campaigns lead to a 51% revenue increase YoY while ROAS improved by 125% for a mid-size B2C/B2B electronics business.

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Monoprice offers over 7,000 high-quality, affordable electronics and accessories to professionals and consumers worldwide. Kreativa Group is partnering with Monoprice on managing its largest paid media channels - Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising, performance creative for its Performance Max and Meta Ads campaigns, and providing consultation on its MarTech and ecommerce stack.

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Our Approach

The Kreativa Group team restructured and optimized the Google Ads campaign combining some traditional, proven methodologies and new school, machine learning technology. We deployed thousands of optimizations to existing search, Performance Max, and shopping campaigns, launched new search campaigns using the SIAG (Similar Intent Ad Group) by match type method, improved ad strength and quality scores across the entire account, applied updated bid strategies, and paused and rebuilt low performing campaigns. All text ads, ad assets, and performance creative were renewed with better value propositions, more focused and relevant language, and better design.

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Good Results

Initially, Kreativa Group reduced Monoprice's paid search spend by 19%, while still increasing their revenue by 26% from the same campaigns. We did more with less. Now, due in part to our performance and rapidly changing goals, we've increased their spend aggressively which has resulted in 51% revenue growth while still achieving an improved 125% ROAS! Now we're doing more with more! Our new performance creative in Google Ads' Performance Max campaign saw a 34% increase in interaction rate.

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"Kreativa Group has been a great agency partner, especially in managing our PPC accounts in Google, Meta, and Bing. Tommy and team really emphasizes human effort alongside newer smart bidding methods, highly detailed account structures, optimization, and campaign analysis to meet our sales and ROAS goals. Their proactive communication, strategic insights, and commitment to our success have made our partnership very impactful and enjoyable."

Diana Toldoya
Director of Digital Marketing

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