Sparkly Meta Ads driving +163% completed views, +323% clicks at a fraction of the cost per click

New Meta Ads campaigns, with better audience targeting and creative assets, results in 163% completed views, 323% more clicks at 80% less cost per click for The Better Diamonds.

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The Better Diamonds offers lab grown diamonds that are always sustainable, conflict-free, ethical, and carbon neutral. Kreativa Group is partnering with The Better Diamonds on their growth marketing initiatives and managing its Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns.

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Our Approach

The Better Diamonds came to Kreativa Group, with campaigns that were largely ineffective, managed by a jewelry specialist agency. During our free account audit, we quickly recognized the fundamental flaw in the campaigns - the audience targeting was set to older generations while the market for lab grown diamond engagement rings are often millennials and Gen Z. With updated audiences, we partnered with The Better Diamonds' internal team on new ad creative assets focusing on videos that shows the high quality of their products through shine and sparkle. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

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Good Results

With just weeks into the new Meta Ads campaigns, 100% completed video plays are up by 163%, clicks have increased by 323% while the cost per click (CPC) has been reduced by 80%. Kreativa Group has proven growth methods and strategies that work well across all verticals and industries. This case study demonstrates that a generalist growth agency, like Kreativa Group, can be just as effective, if not more so than one that specializes on a specific industry.

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